An Ideal Service

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“An ideal service for both clients and practitioners who need independent objective help. I am happy to recommend it to lawyers and clients alike.” Jason Reeve – MD, Novitas

bussminAn Ideal Service

Guiding Private Client Practitioners

bussmin Service, Testimonials

“Bussey Consulting is an innovative and much needed service to guide private client practitioners and their clients when looking for investment managers which I am delighted to use and support.” Suzanne Reisman Law Offices of Suzanne M. Reisman

bussminGuiding Private Client Practitioners
Find a Wealth Manager

Being a Trustee is a Risky Business

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“Being a trustee is a risky business and, together with other advisers, they are always looking at ways to mitigate the risks to both to themselves and their clients. However trustees are required to take advice on investment decisions. This service, which is designed to help control risk, should be supported.“ Ceris Gardner – Partner, MTG LLP

bussminBeing a Trustee is a Risky Business

Dixcart Trustees Thoughts

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“A unique service which we, as trustees, and our clients will find invaluable” Bruce Watterson – Director, Dixcart Trustees

bussminDixcart Trustees Thoughts