Clients can select those parts of the service which address their issues. We continue to listen to our clients and their advisers and react to their needs. Consequently we are happy to adopt a flexible approach to our fees. We will discuss with each client the scope of the work to be undertaken and agree our charges at the outset. These may be on either a fixed fee or a time spent basis and we will take time to explain what clients can expect and the benefits. The fee agreed at the outset is what the client will pay. Fees for any additional work will be agreed separately.

We know clients make meaningful savings when comparing our fees to other providers. These can be over 30% as you are not paying for the “learning curve” necessary when there is no existing process. If you would like to keep more of your investment rather than paying a higher cost, please call to see how we can help.


As part of our continuing commitment to clients we will contact them approximately 18 months after the Manager has been appointed to confirm that:


  • Information on performance and risk is understood and has been acceptable
  • Communication between the parties is as promised
  • Clarity on fees and costs is being maintained
  • The Manager has upheld any specific promises undertaken
  • At that time we will also contact the Manager and discuss the operation of the account. If there are any issues arising, we will work to find a solution


This service is offered at no extra cost.

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