BUSSEY CONSULTING will assist by analysing the key issues for each mandate including the total assets, the amount to be invested, the investment horizon, risk tolerances, income needs and suitable asset allocation.

In addition to asking the fundamental questions such as a client’s investment history, attitude to loss and how the portfolio is to be held, we will also discuss any tax issues that might impact on the investment strategy. BUSSEY CONSULTING will also help determine any specialisms which may be needed and investigate issues such as choosing an appropriate benchmark, currency, fees, capital distributions, liquidity, expenses, drawdown etc.

BUSSEY CONSULTING will discuss your views about the firms you would consider inviting to present. The outcome of these discussions will assist in the creation of a “Request For Proposal” (RFP) document against which selected Managers will be asked to pitch.

Once the RFPs have been completed BUSSEY CONSULTING will prepare a personal report analysing and comparing the Manager responses. BUSSEY CONSULTING will create a list of relevant questions based on the mandate to ask Managers, focusing on the needs of the client and each Manager’s service.

BUSSEY CONSULTING will support you both before and after the Managers are selected and appointed.

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