When appointing investment professionals there are key questions and issues which need careful consideration including:

  • “What is an appropriate measurement of risk?”
  • “What is the right asset allocation?”
  • “Is a Multi-Asset Manager solution best?”
  • “What am I liable for?”
  • “Is the performance acceptable?”
  • “Is the advice I’m getting independent?”

BUSSEY CONSULTING can answer these questions and provide information on which firms are the best suited to meet client needs.

As a firm that works for clients in selecting a Wealth Manager we need to be completely independent. If we were to accept payment from a provider for client introductions then our work could be viewed as compromised. Therefore we do NOT accept ANY financial inducements in any form from any Investment or Wealth Manager or Private Bank.



  • Close collaboration in order to form a bespoke mandate
  • Cutting down time spent finding suitable managers for a mandate
  • Clarity on the Manager’s ability to deliver
  • An understandable agreed level of risk
  • A balance between quantitative and qualitative factors
  • A breakdown on all aspects of the Manager’s fees
  • An agreed level of drawdown and income
  • Documented support of your independent selection
  • Specific and relevant performance data and information


The BUSSEY CONSULTING report is tailored to your individual requirements and will address the following:

✓ Suitability
✓ Quality of service and reporting
✓ Ability to deliver bespoke solutions
✓ Verification of specialist claims
✓ Internal controls and compliance information
✓ Independently verified performance data (audited wherever possible)
✓ Risk analysis
✓ Appropriate asset allocation and portfolio activity levels
✓ Reputational issues identified
✓ Total Expense Ratios (TERs) and other fees charged by the Manager
✓ Information on the proposed Client Relationship Manager and team

Clients will have the advantage of knowing that the Managers to be interviewed are capable of delivering the results that they expect.