It is important to balance key quantitative and qualitative data. Performance changes over time as can the investment styles of a firm and those individuals responsible for a firm’s performance. Reputation, flexibility and global experience are some other factors that need to be considered as part of the selection process.

It is important to blend investment styles (i.e. growth, value, active, passive) and confirm that any claimed Manager “specialisms” (i.e. bonds, emerging markets, multi-asset, momentum) are valid. This will help control risk, reduce volatility and hopefully minimise loss. We will work closely with clients to achieve this.

However client needs and mandates vary and not all Managers are the same. Selecting the wrong Manager or benchmark will create misunderstanding and have a detrimental effect not only on your expected returns but on your relationship with them. To avoid this potentially expensive mistake it is key not only to appoint the right Manager but to give them clear guidance that reflect the desired financial aims and goals so you understand and are comfortable with the choice you’ve made.

BUSSEY CONSULTING will assist by agreeing the key needs for each mandate and provide the reassurance to navigate the selection process.

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